Radiant Sensors offers the most comprehensive and widely deployed integrated set of hardware and sensors for RFID and IoT applications available.

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Become a Radiant Sensors Partner and increase your bottom line with innovative, reliable and cost effective RFID and IoT products.
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Radiant Sensors’ expertise leverages the research results of an in-house team of highly-qualified engineers, frequently working in partnership with specialized university research laboratories.

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Become a Radiant Sensors Partner

RFID technology by virtue of its wireless communication capabilities has
revolutionized the identification of objects in ways that were not possible using Barcode.
RFID tags and labels make it possible to identify wide range of objects,
from people to animals, from goods to vehicles.

About Radiant Sensors

Excellence Through Quality

Radiant Sensors designs, develops and manufactures passive and active RFID hardware products as well as IoT sensor devices for short and long range wireless identification technology.

Radiant Sensors is positioned as a major player in the worldwide market for sub gigahertz UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) and Active radio-frequency identification (2.45 GHz) technologies. Our devices are field-proven and have been in operation for many years throughout the world.

Radiant Sensors offers a wide range of Sensors, UHF Antennas, Fixed UHF Readers, Active Wireless Antennas, Active Readers and active RFID Tags featuring ultra-low power consumption (ULPW) and extended battery life that meet the requirements of numerous applications.