RFID & IoT By Design

Recent advancement in RFID and IoT technologies by virtue of their wireless communication capabilities has revolutionized the identification of objects in ways that were not possible before. RFID tags and labels make it possible to identify wide range of objects, from people to animals, from goods to vehicles. Utilizing IoT software platform, RFID and IoT hardware allow any object, operations or even processes to be monitored and controlled without any human interference. Radiant Sensors’ expertise leverages the research results of an in-house team of highly-qualified engineers, frequently working in partnership with specialized university research laboratories.

In addition to its own extensive R&D efforts, Radiant Sensors maintains strong partnership ties with its clients in order to continually push the limits of innovation for new RFID and IoT applications.

We welcome an opportunity to work with you in your research and development projects in order to integrate Radiant Sensor technology in new ways. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your innovative projects using RFID and IoT solutions.