RFID Tunnel Scanner | RDPR-008G

RFID Tunnel Scanner | RDPR-008G

Product Description:

Radiant Sensors’ RDPR-008G is a UHF RFID tunnel scanner which is designed for high-volume scanning of tagged items. It is a perfect tool for the scanning of jewelry trays, lab samples, boxes, folders, documents and any applications that need dense and super-fast reading modes with absolutely no misreads. RFID Tunnel Scanner’s superior RF design provides a focused reading field that allows automatic scanning of RFID tags and minimizing undesired reads.

RDPR-008G is equipped with Wi-Fi communication capability, making it ideal for mobile scanning solutions. It can be integrated with any applications through its EPC Global LLRP or extensive set of APIs.

Model No. RDPR-008G
Product RFID Tunnel Scanner
Antennas 4 built-in UHF Antennas
Frequency US (902-928 MHz)

EU (865.6-867.6 MHz)



External: 260 x 400 x 460 mm

(10.75 x 15.75 x 18 inch)

Internal: 150 x 300 mm (6 x 11.75 inch)

(Any trays of width 11.75 inches and height 5 inches with no limitation to the length can be used.)

Special Features Open back allows using trays with any length.
Interface Support EPC Global LLRP, Comprehensive API
Colour Solid Black (shown), Solid White
Connectivity Wireless (Wi-Fi)
Configuration Browser based
Power 110-230V AC
Customized Logo For 10+ quantity, your company’ logo can be Laser etched on the front of inter tray surface.