RSBLE Beacon

RSBLE Beacon

Product Description:

RSBLE-1 Beacon is BLE advertise-only beacon, designed to broadcast data at customizable time intervals. While transmitting data, the beacon sends its current transmission power and battery level data. The transmitted data is then detected by an RSBLE-100 BLE Internet Gateway. After receiving the data, the Gateway will send it to an IoT platform via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or GPRS connectivity.

RSBLE Beacon makes use of built-in motion sensor enabling it to recognize its state of motion. If it is motionless, it can transmit data at longer time intervals saving on battery usage. This feature combined with a large internal CR2450 battery, allows the beacon to operate for 5 years without the need to change the battery*.

The device’s transmission intervals as well as its transmission power are customizable. Based on user’s needs and preferences, the beacon can be configured to operate with 7 different transmission powers. RSBLE can be perfectly used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including asset and people tracking. Along with RSBLE-100 Internet Gateway, the device brings the promise of IoT to many industries including Construction, Oil&Gas, Healthcare, Logistics, Hospitality, Events, Building Management Automation and many more.

*Estimated battery lift for normal usage. Battery life depends on the transmission power and interval. The higher the power and the transmission interval, the shorter the battery life.

Model No. RSBLE-1
Description BLE Beacon
Dimensions (D × H) 2 × 0.8 in

(50 × 10 mm). The Beacon comes in different types of enclosures.

Battery CR2450 (610mAH)
Built-in sensor Motion sensor
Bluetooth Type Bluetooth Low Energy
Frequency Supported 2.4 Ghz ISM

Bluetooth LE channels: 1- 40 &

Adv Ch: 37;38;39

Operational Life Running 3-5 years depending on device operating configuration (transmission power and transmit interval)
Power Output (Range) -20 , -16, -12, -8, -4, 0, +4 dBm (Selectable by order)
Ingress Protection IP67
Color White
Material ABS
Storage Temperature  -20°C to + 80°C
Operating Temperature  -20°C to +60°C
Humidity Operating Range Up to % relative humidity


  • Asset and Vehicle Tracking
  • People/Workforce Tracking
  • Access Control / Security Management
  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS)
  • And many more…